City Treasurer

Motto: To prudently manage, protect and preserve funds placed in the City of Bangor’s trust.

Mission: The City Treasurer’s Office takes pride in serving the citizens of the City of Bangor in a courteous, professional, unbiased, and accountable manner. The City Treasurer’s staff is committed to achieving its mission through:

  • Enriching our community by responsibly managing the public’s money and creating an atmosphere of pride through mutual support and outstanding service.
  • Staying abreast of new legislation, or changes in existing legislation, that affect current procedures of the City Treasurer’s Office to ensure continued compliance with the management and restrictions of government funds.
  • Providing outstanding inter-departmental information and assistance relating to cash transactions, assessment
    districts, and accurately reporting departmental revenue.
  • Continually promoting the expansion of employee knowledge by supporting continuing education.
    Implementing new technology whenever possible to improve the efficiency of customer service.

City Treasurer, Stephenie Cagle MiCPT is a respected figure in Bangor, Michigan. As the treasurer, she is responsible for several key functions that contribute to the smooth operation of city business.

One of her primary responsibilities is to handle tax disbursements. This involves receiving and distributing funds collected from taxes. Stephenie ensures the accuracy and timeliness of tax payments, ensuring that the city receives the necessary revenue to fund its operations and maintain essential services.

In addition to tax disbursements, Stephenie also contributes to the financial management of the city. She works closely with the city’s Manager and City Council to develop budgets, analyze financial reports, and make strategic financial decisions. Her expertise in this area helps the city maintain financial stability and allocate resources efficiently.

Furthermore, Stephenie MiCPT serves as a liaison between the city government and the community. She attends public meetings, responds to inquiries and concerns from residents, and ensures that the city’s financial operations are transparent and accessible to citizens. Her commitment to open communication and community engagement fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the city’s financial operations.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Stephenie MiCPT is also actively involved in community organizations and initiatives. She is committed to making a positive difference in her community, and her dedication to civic engagement reflects her commitment to public service.

The City Treasurer’s Office services the public and City of Bangor departments by providing efficient, expedient assistance in processing funds. We will project a friendly and ethical manner as we ensure fair treatment within legal guidelines.

  • City ordinances require the City Treasurer to collect and deposit money owed the city for various services and taxes.
  • The Treasurer receives payments for utility bills, invoices, income taxes, and special assessments.
  • The Treasurer also bills and collects property taxes for the city. The money collected is periodically sent to the other taxing jurisdictions.
  • In addition to billing and collecting, the Treasurer’s division receives, records and deposits all city revenue.


  • Managing the City’s accounts
  • Financial Reports
  • Cash receipting
  • Utility billing
  • Tax billing
  • Many other financial responsibilities

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