Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Responsibilities

We are all part of a larger community. The activities we pursue may affect others. Our actions can enhance or degrade the property and lives of our neighbors. Often violations of development and other regulations are simply a matter of not knowing the rules. A polite and neighborly “heads up” to an uninformed property owner many times will end a problem. When it doesn’t, it may be necessary to file a formal written complaint with the department. The following information is intended to help in that effort.

The Department of Building and Planning encompasses a broad range of responsibilities. Although not always immediately obvious, the common threads that tie our enforcement activities together are construction, use, occupancy and maintenance of buildings and structures, the use of land, protection of critical areas and grading activity on properties within the City of Bangor.

How do I register a complaint?
With the exception of unsafe or dangerous buildings or structures, if you feel an alleged activity is appropriate for investigation, you must provide us with a complaint. 

Feel free to fill out the contact form provided below to file a citizen complaint regarding code enforcement within the City of Bangor, and the Code Enforcement Officer will respond to your query as soon as possible.

Please note that submissions made outside of regular business hours may not be addressed until the next business day, so do NOT use this for emergencies. If you have an emergency, please call 911 for assistance.

Anonymous or phone complaints can not be acted upon unless an immediate life safety issue is present.

What happens after a complaint is filed?
Once a complaint is received at City Hall it is reviewed for appropriateness and adequacy of information. Issues must be inside City of Bangor limits. Inappropriate complaints are discarded, returned to the complainant or forwarded to the correct department. A sequence of actions then occurs: The site is inspected, the complaint is verified and notification is then sent to the property owner. Initial action on a complaint will normally begin within 2 or 3 working days. An inspection of the site will occur within 5 working days. Resolutions however, can take weeks, months and sometimes longer depending on the complexity and legal ramifications involved.

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