Bangor Housing

The Bangor Housing Board oversees and manages affordable housing initiatives within the city. This board often collaborates with local agencies and organizations to develop and implement housing policies, programs, and projects aimed at addressing the housing needs of Bangor’s diverse population.

Occupancy Inspections are required by the City each time there is a change of occupancy at a residence. Occupancy inspections are $40.00 and are usually paid for and scheduled at the same time the new water account is set up.

Bangor Housing Commission
820 Second Street, Bangor, MI 49013

Phone: 269.427.5535

257 W Monroe St,
Bangor, Michigan 49013


City of Bangor

Phone: 269-427-5831

Pay Bills: 1-888-673-7559

Hours: Monday – Friday 9AM – 4PM

City of Bangor